Advantages of isotherm

There are many advantages to having your home insulated. There are also many insulation products to choose from when getting a professional insulation company to quote on installing it in your roof.

Isotherm thermal insulation is a very popular product with the South African home owners.

What is isotherm insulation?

Isotherm is a polyester insulation product that has no chemical additives or fibreglass in it. This is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners have been selecting isotherm over other insulation options for their homes. People have started becoming more environmentally conscious and want to use products in their homes that are eco-friendly and people friendly. Isotherm insulation makes this happen with their polyester insulation products range.

What is it made out of?

It is made out of recycled plastic bottles called PET. These bottles are used to make the polyester strand that go into the making of the finished product. These bottles would usually get dumped at landfill sites but isotherm has taken the initiative to reduce plastic pollution and make an insulation material out of it.

Is it easy to install in your roof?

Yes definitely! you install the product the same way that you would install fibreglass insulation. It comes in a roll form that you can roll out in your attic above. The bonus about this product is that no protective gear is needed to install it. you can literally go work in your roof without getting itchy or inhaling chemicals.

How does it stack up to fibreglass with insulating resistance

When you compare isotherm to its competitors you will find that it holds the same r-value. Meaning both product hold equal insulating effects. It is more expensive than the other products but definitely worth every cent. you will have a much cleaner environment in your attic with this product installed.

Consider window tinting with insulation

Another thing to consider is getting thermal window tinting film installed on your windows. Basically there are two weak spots were heat can travel through in your home. The roof and the windows. You should already have proper insulation installed in your roof, the next step is too focus on your windows. getting your windows professionally tinted will help reduce unwanted heat coming through.

Do you have adequate roof ventilation

Roof ventilation is also an important thing to have installed. roof vents are most commonly known as whirlybirds. They pump out the stale air and possibly moist air out of your roof. whirlybirds prevent damage that the warm air can do inside your roof. Homeowners with a fire place can extract the smoky air out their chimney by using a chimney ventilation product.

Advantages of isotherm