Benefits of Rain Water harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the approach of gathering and keeping rain water for use as an alternative for allowing it to run off. Rainwater can provide a self-reliant and zero cost water resource that promises various ways the water can be utilized. The following are 5 benefits of gathering water.

Eliminates water surge and Corrosion

rain-water-collection.jpgCollecting water in rainwater tanks may also help the natural environment in a lot of ways.

For example, it may reduce erosion surrounding downpipes whilst in the yards. It may be able to control storm water run-off.

Rain water doesn’t provide scale and deterioration as hard water does. The collection of rain water might possibly eliminate a lot of floods in some environments at the same time.

Reduces Water Costs

Rainwater collecting does not just help individuals reduce their water monthly bills but can also lower your costs for entire towns and cities. The price to supply mains and general water providers is usually substantially lessened any time lots of people in a single neighborhood implement rainwater. Possessing a source of filtered water can also minimise reliance on municipal suppliers should the filtered water becomes polluted. Rain water can be utilized for the prime source of water or like a backup source as required.

Significantly reduces Demand on Ground Water

Resources for ground water are now strained in a number of cities around the world. Digging much deeper water bores isn’t just pricey but can sometimes contribute to environmental deterioration which includes collapsing the ground where precious water was once. It simply makes perfect sense to utilise sources of water whenever you can. Collected rain water is often stored and then utilized at times of shortage and once the ground water supplies have been completely drained.

May be used for Non-drinking Usages

Lots of the water we need is required for non-drinking. Many methods from cleaning clothes and dirty dishes to taking a bath and flushing toilets will require large quantities of tap water. Rain water harvesting can be useful for most of these things. Rain water is softer and can lower the demand for soaps when washing clothing and dishes. Rainwater may also be used for washing cars, bathing animals, and the vast majority of housecleaning that utilizes water.

May Enhance Vegetable Growth

Rain water harvesting could also be used to improve garden plants and garden areas. Using harvested water can eliminate the salt buildup from plants and soil. Collected rainwater is generally without various types of contaminants not to mention man-made contaminants. Rain water is likewise free from chlorination. Using water which is usually this cleaner and healthier for flowers and trees can conserve funds on overall building maintenance and landscaping needs.

Benefits of Rain Water harvesting

Getting aerolite installed at home

newfiberglass1When the time comes to have your home professionally insulated with a product that has a high insulating effect, you have to make sure that the aerolite installer you choose is professional and fits your budget.

There are many different insulation installers to choose from. There are also many different insulation options to go with.

Choosing aerolite installers can be difficult. You want to make sure that whoever you let into your attic space to install the product, knows what he is doing so nothing gets damaged.

Which thickness should you use?

This firstly depends on which country you are in. There are aerolite installers worldwide as it is a common household insulating product. Depending on whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate will affect the thickness of the product you should get installed. Every country will have its own thickness requirement that the aerolite installers must use to be compliant and to keep them comfortable all throughout the year regardless to what season you are in.

Is it affordable for the average person?

Insulation is not a luxury. It is something that governments have put certain requirements on to help homeowners reduce power consumption and save money at home. There is an upfront cost when you get insulation installed but you will quickly begin to save money whether you use aerolite or isotherm insulation.

After around a 2 year gap the insulation you had installed will be paid off and you will continue saving on heating and cooling costs. It will be a little expensive to start with the average person but soon that money will be recovered and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Does insulating you home really work?

Of course it does! You are basically blocking heat from entering and exiting your home once it is professionally insulated. This means that your home won’t experience hot and cold temperature fluctuations. It will be kept at a reasonable and constant temperature right through the year. Before you add heater and air cons into the equation.


Getting aerolite installed at home

Advantages of isotherm

There are many advantages to having your home insulated. There are also many insulation products to choose from when getting a professional insulation company to quote on installing it in your roof.

Isotherm thermal insulation is a very popular product with the South African home owners.

What is isotherm insulation?

Isotherm is a polyester insulation product that has no chemical additives or fibreglass in it. This is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners have been selecting isotherm over other insulation options for their homes. People have started becoming more environmentally conscious and want to use products in their homes that are eco-friendly and people friendly. Isotherm insulation makes this happen with their polyester insulation products range.

What is it made out of?

It is made out of recycled plastic bottles called PET. These bottles are used to make the polyester strand that go into the making of the finished product. These bottles would usually get dumped at landfill sites but isotherm has taken the initiative to reduce plastic pollution and make an insulation material out of it.

Is it easy to install in your roof?

Yes definitely! you install the product the same way that you would install fibreglass insulation. It comes in a roll form that you can roll out in your attic above. The bonus about this product is that no protective gear is needed to install it. you can literally go work in your roof without getting itchy or inhaling chemicals.

How does it stack up to fibreglass with insulating resistance

When you compare isotherm to its competitors you will find that it holds the same r-value. Meaning both product hold equal insulating effects. It is more expensive than the other products but definitely worth every cent. you will have a much cleaner environment in your attic with this product installed.

Consider window tinting with insulation

Another thing to consider is getting thermal window tinting film installed on your windows. Basically there are two weak spots were heat can travel through in your home. The roof and the windows. You should already have proper insulation installed in your roof, the next step is too focus on your windows. getting your windows professionally tinted will help reduce unwanted heat coming through.

Do you have adequate roof ventilation

Roof ventilation is also an important thing to have installed. roof vents are most commonly known as whirlybirds. They pump out the stale air and possibly moist air out of your roof. whirlybirds prevent damage that the warm air can do inside your roof. Homeowners with a fire place can extract the smoky air out their chimney by using a chimney ventilation product.

Advantages of isotherm

Advantages of Ceiling Insulation


Ceiling is one of the most important things in any home. In addition to providing a unique interior decor to the house it has numerous advantages ranging from health benefits to economical ones. It is important for every homeowner to consider insulating their house with the right ceiling as he or she will get to enjoy a wide range of benefits including the following.

Improved thermal comfort within the house

Both winter and summer can be a trying time for any homeowner without a ceiling insulation within his or her home.  A ceiling insulation is important in winter as it greatly assists in retaining heat within the house thus avoiding excessive coldness whereas in summer it slows down the flow of heat within the building. This insulation mechanism guarantees that the house is warm all year round regardless of the climatic condition of the place.

Saving on energy costs

As much as it costs one to purchase a quality ceiling in the long run one stands to save a lot of cash. On average heating and cooling costs adds up to 30% of the total energy costs in any homestead. With a good ceiling in place one is able to save and still at the same time achieve the warm house effect that would have been produced by those equipment. You can read more about these equipment from the aerolite website.

Reduce the level of noise

Ceilings have been proved beyond reasonable doubt to help one achieve a quiet and conducive house environment by absorbing the noise transmitted through the floor, walls and roofs. This therefore helps the homeowner reduce on costs of installing sound absorber within the walls of their house.

Act as a fire retardant

With its poor conduction properties, home insulations is certain the best method of preventing excessive damage that might arise in the event of a fire outbreak. Ceiling insulation won’t conduct electricity thus being helpful during electrical wiring within the house.

Help scare of insect, rodents and bird infestation within your house

Most houses which lacks ceiling insulation have a higher chance of having an infestation of insects, birds and rodents living within their roofs. This, however, is not the case in a proper ceiling insulated house. A ceiling limits the chances of survival of these creatures owing to the fact that there will be little lighting and air circulation within the roof for these creatures to thrive.

The above merits are some among the many that will convince anyone with no ceiling insulation to get one in order to enjoy a comfortable life. Make sure you are always using an insulation specialist to install the product you have chosen for your home.

Saving Energy with Window Tinting

Another great way to reduce solar heat that comes in through the windows is to use solar shield window tinting. Solar window film not only gives you privacy in your home but reduces up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that enter through your windows. These UV rays are responsible for damaging furniture, carpets, floors and upholstery.

You can also use a smash and grab tint to prevent attacks while in your car or at home. Smash and grab window tinting is becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. You can read more about smash and grab tint.

Advantages of Ceiling Insulation

Information Regarding Ceiling Insulation

5Ceiling insulation is a new practice that is gaining popularity very rapidly. It is a technology that helps ideally in the reduction of energy levels that are being consumed in a house or office. Consequently, you will pay lesser power bills at the end of every month, thus reducing your baggage. Ceiling insulation materials normally come in different shapes and colors for clients to purchase the ones they find most appealing. However, installing them is quite a rigorous exercise that needs experts. This article will guide you accordingly in regards to ceiling insulation installers.

Home insulation should be a one-time activity that should not be repeated. However, you have to look for professional ceiling insulation installers in order to have it last for a long time period. Getting the right experts can be a tedious job if you doing this for the first time. Normally, you have to look for installers who operate within your locality as they have to avail themselves to your house or apartment physically for the job. By using the internet, search engines will avail a long list of ceiling insulation installers. Consequently, you will be tasked with the job of finding out the best company hire.

Companies that have advertised themselves online normally avail sample works so as to win the clients confidence. As a result, you should go through their websites, taking note of the images that they have posted of the previous works that they have done. This will enable you to rate their quality compared to other existing companies. In addition, people like writing testimonials of their experience with certain companies that they have hired. Such testimonials can be of great help in deciding the ceiling insulation installers to hire. Also read through the products reviews that you are thinking of installing. There are many different products out there and some of which like think green insulation in johannesburg are not up to scratch!

The best installers should have several ideal characteristics. To begin with, they ought to be experienced in their job. Since this is manual work, experience will make them more suitable as they have handled more jobs in different houses and apartments. Experience will also make them complete your job in a short time period, without causing any damage to your house. The best Centurion isotherm installers should also have an insurance cover, and this will facilitate covering any damage that they may cause. When evaluating the pricing level, companies quoting very low prices should not be the best. They might not be adequately skilled. The charges for skilled installers who are perfect at their work are normally very affordable.

Using Solar Window Tinting with Insulation

There are 2 weak spots in your home where heat pours in. The roof and windows. If you can combat these two weak spots you will maintain a much more comfortable living environment at home. Window tinting has become extremely popular of the last few years. Smash and grab car window tinting films are becoming quite popular between consumers in South Africa as well


Information Regarding Ceiling Insulation

Merits of Hiring a Ceiling Insulation Contractor

4Insulation is a vital component in a home structure. It plays a major role in your home such as sealing your residence from air leaks, regulating the indoor temperature, and protecting your entire home from mold and mildew.  It is necessary to understand the overall scope of the project before hiring any professional.  Understand the available options you can make for your home’s insulation. Some of the options are blown or fiberglass insulation or any other that contains moisture and fire barriers.

There are those that are easy to install, and there are others that are high tech requiring professional input.  It is necessary to understand that harsh repercussions come crawling in when you decide to work on this project without outsourcing professional help. However, straightforward a project may appear, understand that there are professional aspects you cannot achieve.

Hired roof insulation installers not only comes to install your new or recycled insulation but does more that meets your eye. There will be an inspection of any mold; they will have to dispose of the old insulation, inspect the attic structure and make repairs where necessary, seal vents, repair walls, and other structural elements, establish the current efficiency and building codes, and finally use the right tool for perfect insulation.

If you have a new home construction project, it is vital to include ceiling insulation in the scope of work. You will want to research on the best insulation for your home and a professional that can work within your budget. Professionals ensure that your cooling and heating costs go down. A well-insulated home results in lower energy costs and also contributes to greater comfort. A well-insulated ceiling maintains heat in your home during very chilly seasons. An expert also knows how to insulate each home depending on the environment.

An insulation specialist not only undertakes the project but inspects the area for any potential danger. They know the earlier deficiencies are sealed, the safer it will be for your new project. The top most benefit of hiring a professional installer is the level of efficiency. They have the capacity to perform a highly technical work with a successful outcome.

If you are considering working on your insulation, think about the health benefits you would get from a profession installer. There are insulation products that contain asbestos. Asbestos can be a very dangerous mineral when its fibers are disturbed.  A professional is aware of the products that would work best for your home. They ensure that every insulation product used is safe for you and your family. As you may have noticed, there is no downside to taking up the idea of hiring a professional isotherm installer in Johannesburg for your project.

Window Tinting Films to Reduce Heat and Glare

Window tinting films work in conjunction with ceiling insulation. If you install ceiling insulation with window tinting film in your home, it will be a lot more energy efficient. Global warming has forced consumers to find alternative ways to reduce power consumption at home and in the office. Window tinting plays a huge role in running an energy efficient home or building.

Merits of Hiring a Ceiling Insulation Contractor